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Because I'm Irish

Started December 2011
Second draft completed July 2015
Fiona Bartulli never expected that a routine trip to Wal-Mart would end in disaster. But then she's kidnapped and forced to spend a day with an Irish boyband, and everything changes. Soon she finds out that, behind all the fame and glory and Crest-white smiles, the band isn't all that they seem. She's drafted in as their new violinist against her wishes. And she's forced to keep a secret bigger than she's ever had to before -- because it may just save her life.
Characters: FionaDamian

Because We Can

Camp NaNoWriMo 2013
Sequel to Because I'm Irish
First draft completed June 2014
Fiona Bartulli isn’t okay. The ghosts of her past follow her wherever she goes, especially because they’ve got the wrong man behind bars. She and her closest friends search for the evidence to set things right, while dealing with the presence of the real murderer who has gotten off scot-free. Even though she’s been told there’s nothing to fear, she’s still running—from the man who wants to kill her, and from herself. On her search for the truth, Fiona breaks down, and she wonders if anything in her life will ever feel sane again.
Characters: FionaDamian

Here Comes the Sun

Started January 2016
First draft in progress
Audrey Callahan is a seventeen-year-old who feels like she’s had to grow up way too fast. Her parents’ marital troubles are wearing on everyone’s nerves, as well as making Audrey fear for her parents’ future. Not only that, but her six-year-old brother Kenton is deaf. To get away from her turbulent home life, Audrey escapes—to books, to writing, and to the nearby coffee shop. On one such trip to the coffee shop, she makes a connection with one of the baristas, Brandon. They discuss literature, Charles Dickens, and everything in between.
Then Brandon obtains an old Volkswagen van and needs to do something with it. He and Audrey take a trip across all fifty states to the shores of California. What happens is something Audrey never expected nor wanted—falling in love.

Leo Andromedus Saves the World

NaNoWriMo 2015
First draft completed November 2015
Leo Andromedus Kelly is burnt out. He's at the most prestigious boarding school in the world, but the fact that it's a secret boarding school for magicians makes things a little tricky. School is overwhelming, and so is the whole burdened-with-magical-powers-and-glorious-purpose thing. So on a school break, Leo plans a road trip. He takes his best friends with him--Allan, an angsty boxer and his childhood best friend; Emilie, a girl who despises magic; and Raven, a girl who can create things out of thin air. It's an interesting dynamic, to be sure, but things get even more interesting when there's a murder at the hotel they're staying at. As a general philanthropist and lover of human life, Leo Andromedus takes on the case and becomes an amateur detective, but he and his friends uncover a bit more than they were expecting.

Lost Girls

NaNoWriMo 2014
First draft completed December 2014
In distant-future California, the overpopulation of our planet has turned into a crisis, leaving many girls kicked out on the street. Evee Hawkins is one of them, and she's tried to help as many of the other girls as she can. They have formed their own family. She calls them her "lost girls."
Jem Marcellis is an intern at one of the most prestigious medical labs on the country. There's just one problem: her rare spinal condition is a little inconvenient. Jem agrees to an experimental surgery that could fix everything, but when she wakes up midprocedure, she realizes that this isn't a spinal operation. Instead, it's something far more sinister. Jem leaves the hospital, branding herself as a fugitive in the process. She brings her politician dad and hacker brother Hal with her, and they all go on the run: straight into the arms of the Lost Girls.
After Jem's arrival, all of the Lost Girls become the target of a corrupted system and a bloodthirsty scientist. While fighting against a mindset that has left them for dead, will the Lost Girls be able to figure out a way to win, and perhaps be found again?

Characters: JemEveeHalCooper

Cracking Glass

Cracking Glass
Sequel to Lost Girls
On hold
Starlight Labs is the most prestigious science facility in the world. Made of glass that stands tall into the sky, the building and the corporation have stood firm for thirty years. But now the glass is cracking. There's a scandal surrounding the lab, and Jem Marcellis, an intern at Starlight, knows more than she lets on. So do her brother Hal and her friend Evee Hawkins. But Evee's nowhere to be found. Instead, she's gone to Mexico, and Jem and Hal have to deal with the heat themselves. As the investigation into Starlight continues, Jem and Hal struggle to keep their secrets hidden, while Evee tries to disappear and find a new life. Will they keep calm under the pressure, or will they shatter altogether?

Metal and Bone

Spin-off to Lost Girls and Cracking Glass
On hold
Lana Michener has always loved the horse races in distant-future Los Angeles. Ever since she was a little girl, she dreamed of competing in the prestigious yearly derby. She's managed to land a spot as a jockey in this year's race, and it seems like all her dreams are coming true. Soon she meets Colt, a fellow jockey with a family secret; Kess, a mechanic supporting her two siblings; and Jack, a quirky programmer with a Cockney accent. As the race draws near, Lana grows closer to her little group of misfits, but when it comes time to race, it becomes clear her childhood dreams are on the line. And ultimately the question on Lana's mind is... will she win?
Characters: Kess || Beautiful Books


NaNoWriMo 2013
First draft completed July 2015
Oakridge, Oregon has been both a refuge and a hell. As sheriff's daughter, Cobie Stirling has seen both. When Oakridge's past demons return, haunting her dad in the process, Cobie becomes part of an elite task force that protects her city. With her best friend Blade, her boyfriend Ryker, and newcomers Decker and Astrid, Cobie swings between child and adult. Adventure and peril. Boldness and fear. In the end, it boils down to this: who Cobie is now, and who she's meant to become.
Characters: CobieBladeRykerAstridDecker


Started December 2015
First draft in progress
As daughter of the President of the United States, Lux is used to things being not-normal. But when her best friend Jay goes missing, things get weirder. Much weirder.

The Angel Novel

Camp NaNoWriMo 2013
On hold
Violet is a confirmed cynic and pessimist, thrown into caring for others by having a druggie for a mom and performing community service. She thinks she's losing it when she sees a boy with angel wings walking down the street. Angels don't exist, do they? It gets even weirder when she finds out that this boy goes to her school. His name is Ethan, and he's dodging her questions. While helping out at the homeless shelter, she finds him again, applying to stay there. She's just about to ask him more questions when her best friend Beau arrives with bad news: her mom's in the hospital. What lies ahead is about to get even weirder than just a boy with angel wings, and Violet's faith will be tested to the max. Can Violet learn to understand the impossible things, even though she's spent a whole lifetime not believing?
Characters: VioletBeau

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