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Monday, December 5, 2016

What I Read: November

Monday, December 05, 2016 3
What I Read: November
Just as an FYI, this post is going to be seriously lacking in books. *insert crying while laughing emoji here*

November was... hectic, to say the least. I had a major flare up of constant pain, I traveled for Thanksgiving, my mental health wasn't great, and I barely won NaNo. Because of everything that went on, I forgot to read/didn't have time to read. So, here is my grand total of TWO BOOKS for this November! (It's better than nothing, I guess?)

The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

I read this one because Jandy Nelson is such a good author and I'll Give You the Sun is one of my favorite books. I must confess I still like IGYtS better, but The Sky Is Everywhere was a worthy novel and a fantastic debut. I loved the quirky atmosphere of this book, and Lennon's family was the best. Speaking of, what a fantastic name--Lennon! I love it so much, and I loved this book so much. Additionally, this book portrayed grief in a very realistic and heartrending way. A+, would read again.
Oh. Also. The puns were too much to resist.

Book in a gif:

Full Tilt by Emma Scott

I was recommended this book by my reading buddy, Ashley. She said I absolutely had to read it, so I read it to try to get out of my reading slump... and boy did it work! This book drew me in with well-developed characters, a deep plotline, and allllll the emotions. Both point-of-view characters felt like such real people to me, and I loved the setting and themes this novel contained. Bonus: it made me cry. It was a well-written feelsy romance novel, and it's everything I love in a book. So good. RIP, my heart.
Many thanks to Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book!

Book in TWO gifs (because I'm indecisive):

Annnd, that's all folks! I'm already back into reading now that NaNo's over with two books down and counting. My reading goal for this year (which I revised many, many times since I kept surpassing it) was 80 books, which means I have to read thirteen books by the end of this year. It's probably not a wise decision to try to do so, but I'm totally going to try. Wish me luck!

What was your favorite read in November? What's your ALL-TIME FAVORITE BOOK? And, in honor of Full Tilt, what book made you cry like a little baby? Sound off in the comments!