Shine Bright

By Sky Destrian - October 22, 2016

Today I want to share something I wrote for the blog Youer than You. It's a message close to my heart, so I'm crossposting it here as well. Thank you for reading, and never forget that you're more than enough. ♥ ♥ ♥

* * *

Dear brave one,

There are going to be people who want you to shrink into yourself and hide away the best parts of you. The world likes to strip away our confidence and leave us bare to the brambles and dirt of everyday life--they snag at your skin, tearing open every flaw. There's a spotlight that shines on you to illuminate all the curves and imperfections you've learned to hate. I know it's hard to avoid the messages shouted at you from every corner: you are not enough. I know. It's not your fault. You are existing in a culture that wants to drag you down, and I am sorry. So many women across the world and throughout time continue to work tirelessly to change that: to tell you, once and for all, you are enough. And you can succeed. And you are enough.

Do you believe those words? Let me say them again. Feel them to the very core of your being.


Read more at Youer than You.
I love you. xoxo.

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