Beautiful People: Ben Carter

By Sky Destrian - June 25, 2011

I finished typing up the last page of my hand-written novel, Reese's Pieces. So, in honor of the mostly-completed 2nd draft, I'd like to introduce you to another dearly beloved character of mine.

{Ben Carter.}

Ben Carter

Ben is the kind of guy who's very laid-back and likes to tease you about EVERY. THING. He has a quick wit, and a wonderful sense of sarcasm - though it depends on who you ask. He's the best friend to Reese's brother, Justin, and is basically her unbiological older brother, too. And to be honest, he'd probably be very mad to find out that I'm referring to him as a "beautiful person."

Also, I named my bass guitar after him. :P

Ben, meet bloggers. Bloggers, meet Ben!

What kind of music does he/she like?
Rock music, and anything with a good beat. He plays drums, so that may have something to do with it.

Does he/she like to go outside?
Yes, he likes to take walks, and occasionally play games of Frisbee and football.

Is he/she naturally curious?
Yes and no. He's kind of impartial to a lot of things, just because he doesn't really care. But if it's something he cares about, then yes, he'll want to find out more about it.

Right, or left handed?
Right-handed. :)

Favorite color?

Where is he/she from?
A small, nameless town in Colorado that does not exist. :P

Any enemies?
Nope... though he has people he gets along with better than others.

What are his/her quirks?
He has an iPhone, he likes to eat ketchup with his eggs, he doesn't like getting his haircut, and he has a weird phobia of spiders.

What kinds of things get on his/her nerves?
He really, really, really does not like banjos.

Is he/she independent, or needs others to help out?
He's definitely very independent and if you try to help him, he may or may not let you. ;)

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  1. "A small, nameless town in Colorado that does not exist." LOL! That was funny. :)

    Nice to meet you, Ben! :D

  2. Eating ketchup with eggs isn't a quirk...:D

    I just finished typing one of my (many) handwritten drafts--I feel your happiness!

  3. Banjos. THAT's funny :D

    I loved it, Sky! :D


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