Today, I...

By Sky Destrian - March 10, 2011

Today I:
  • babysat
  • spent some time with a friend of mine, and this:
Now, I'm going to

  •  watch TV and
  • chill. 

It's been a pretty good day. What did you do? :)

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  1. sounds nice :) especially the chilling and watching tv part ;) just kidding... I love the spending time with a friend and guitar part! =) today, I... only got a teeny tiny bit of school done and ate gluten filled food :( ugh :/ but I just got done working out! trying to get back on the right road... :)

    thinking and praying for you soul sista!


  2. Haha. :) sounds lovely.

    Me? Going to go find something to eat, and then work on my room.



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