The Writing Journey

By Sky Destrian - February 05, 2011

I know a lot of people who have asked the question, "How does someone write?"

Well, honestly, I've never asked the question myself, because writing has been in my blood for ever since I can remember. Now, I've had so many instances of writer's block I can't even count them - and just because someone can write, doesn't make writing easy. But by the same token, just because you think you can't write, doesn't make writing hard.

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  1. Oh dear! Thank you so much for that awesome comment.

    We actually have a game plan on getting it published when we're done. But as two highschoolers we're low on funds.

    So we had this idea to once a month take applications (because we don't want just anyone being able to read our books and steal our ideas) and choose who we'll let buy a virtual copy of our book via e-mail.

    So yeah. ANYWAY. We really wanna get it published. I hope we can! :D

  2. Hey... I had a er... question. :)

    I'm writing a book -- and I'm looking for an editor. You might not want to help me... maybe you know someone who would?

    If you could reply on my blog... that'd be awesome.



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