More Beautiful You

By Sky Destrian - July 23, 2010

One song that has spoken to me greatly as I've gotten older and faced the struggles that so many girls face is Jonny Diaz's song, More Beautiful You. I appreciate this song from a guy's perspective, encouraging girls that the way they are is beautiful, and not to settle for lies from Satan and the world telling them they're not good enough.The lyrics are simple and straightforward, with a poignant message that I believe every young woman needs to hear.

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  1. this post hit home, like so many of your other posts. Especially recently, I have struggled with accepting who I am. I always want to be someone else, I want to be thinner, I wish I didn't have those blemishes on my face, I wish I had more colour in my cheeks, I wish I didn't have such a round face, the list goes on and on. But I've started realizing that I need to be me. There will never be another Laura just like me, so I need to stop trying to be someone else and be ME.

    Love you!


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