praying for haiti

By Sky Destrian - January 15, 2010

Lord, my heart is sad hearing about the devastation in Haiti. I pray that you would be with the people who are now homeless, wounded, and grieving. Help them to know you are there, and draw them to you. Sustain them, Father... be their hope.

Please join me in praying for those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. At least three million people were affected and Haiti is in desperate need of our prayers, now more than ever. The earthquake has killed so many and left others homeless, injured, and grieving. It has literally devastated their nation. Besides their extreme poverty and malnourishment, the people of Haiti are in need of Jesus. Let us stand and fight for the Haitians in the best way we can.... through prayer.

I encourage you to read my friend Catey's post on this subject. She has more information on the culture and spiritual state of Haiti, as well as a sobering and heartfelt poem.

Come on, prayer warriors. Let's pray.

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  1. I totally agree with you. The people of Haiti really need our prayers and support. :-( I read the poem on your friend's blog, and it was very touching.

    Joining you in prayer!



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