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Sunday, October 15, 2006

New Poll!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006 0
New Poll!!!!!!!!!!!
The next poll is
The contestants are:
Mr. Beaver
Mrs. Beaver
Mr. Tumnus
The Fox

All you have to do is post a comment telling me what your favorite character is, out of all these characters. Some of you may be wondering why I did not put Aslan on there. The reason is that nearly everyone will vote for Aslan. If you do not like that idea, post a comment and I might add him.
ATTENTION: You can still vote on your favorite season, right up until midnight tonight. Then the contest ends, and this one starts. I will post the results tomorrow.
I still need ideas on grandma names. Keep those comments coming!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Alternate "Grandma" names

Saturday, October 14, 2006 0
Alternate "Grandma" names
Hey I just have to ask a question: One of my distant relatives is going to be a grandmother for the first time. She doesn't want to be called Grandma, and they asked us to think of names for the grand baby to call her. Here are the names we already suggested:
Aunt Betsy

Have any ideas? Post a comment.


on October 19th, 2006
Nanny or Nanna?

on October 15th, 2006
I call my granma nana but down here most people call them memaw.

on October 14th, 2006
My grandMum's are Grammie and Gramma. Not much help is there? She'll get use to what ever it is. My sis is the same way. And you have untill the babe can talk to decide!

on October 14th, 2006
I don`t pretend to know but how about “grandma”in another language ?

on October 14th, 2006











there are so many names, good luck helping her pick one!


Thursday, October 12, 2006

A story and Smilies

Thursday, October 12, 2006 0
A story and Smilies
My mom said I should post this story I wrote for school. It is based on Acts 16 and it takes place when Paul and Silas are in jail. It's called Marcus the Rat in Jail.


Hey, how are ya. I'm a rat. Whoa, don't get too excited! I'm a good rat, at least, I think so. My name's Marcus. I guess you could say I'm a bachelor. I'm a bachelor who lives in a jail. You know, that's pretty good accommodations for an old rat like me, since most of the inns and homes are taken. So, I live in a jail, and nothing really exciting really happens here... well, except for one thing, a long time ago...ah, let's see...

Well, I remember wakin' up one mornin' to the clankin' of the jailers keys and the bangin' of cell doors. Y'see, I'm in the deepest part of the jail, the part reserved for the worst criminals. I'm thinkin', "whoa, what's goin' on here?" Then the jailer Joe, and a big burly guard named Bart came around the corner with two puny men, not the sort at all who usually come back here. After the jailer left, I stayed awake to see why these guys were in there.

"Paul?" says one man.

"Hmmm," says the other.

"Do you think there are rats in here?"

Hmph, I laugh, you should see the other cells. In my opinion, you're lucky.

Paul didn't answer that question, but instead said, "Silas, let's pray."

I heard chains clink and someone scooting across the rough clay floor. A moment later, Paul's voice broke through the darkness.

"Father God, you know that we're here and that we didn't do anything wrong by driving the demon out of that girl who told fortunes. Please help us and if possible, help us to escape, in your name, Amen."

I knew who that girl was. She was Elza, and she was a doozy. She had an unusual power to tell peoples fortunes, and her owners made big money because of it. No one knew what it was; no one suspected it to be a demon. I was glad she was taken care of, 'cuz she was a big problem to our town, and I figured that her owner must be pretty angry.

I also figured that was why they were in here, but I didn't know who that "Father God" was; no one had ever talked about him before at this jail. But I guessed they were just normal guys who had been judged unjustly. Shrugging, I curled up and fell asleep.

At about midnight, I woke to the sound of singing. Oh great, I thought, I hope they aren't in here long! Who knows when I'll get a good night's sleep again!

My head was just beginning to ache from the echoes in the long corridors when the ground began to shake beneath me. I tried to run, but I couldn't keep myself steady. Suddenly, the walls collapsed with a great crash, and the prisoners' chains did too. My last thought was, Why don't they escape? But before that question was answered, a rock fell on my head, and I blacked out.

When I came to, I was pinned down by a bunch of rubble. I scrambled to get free, but I couldn't move. Suddenly, I heard Joe (the jailer) say, "What must I do to be saved?"

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you and your family will be saved." Paul answered.

As they talked, I realized all the bad things I'd done in my life (really, I'm a good rat... most of the time.)

And well, I said a prayer, right there, trapped beneath the rubble. I told God I believed in him, and I was sorry for all the things I'd done. Eventually some rat friends rescued me, and I told them about Jesus too. After that I felt like a changed man--uh, rat. I saw changes in Joe and his family too. Even Bart was different. To me, it felt like we were a whole new town.
While they rebuilt the jail, I went on a cruise to the Bahamas. Maybe I'll tell you about that sometime, but not now. Now, I'm taking a nap. Goodnight.


What do you think?? Not my best, but I think it's pretty good.

Please vote. The deadline is on Oct. 15th, and that's 2 days away!!! I need you, don't fail me….(just kidding!!!)
This is my contest hamster. His name is Bob. He will appear whenever contests are going on. So here he is….


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lots of stuff...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 0
Lots of stuff...
Hey ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, it's finally getting cold now!! It snowed a little bit this morning, but what's weird is the sun is shining!!! How odd.
Please, anyone who hasn't voted already, please vote. The deadline is in 5 days and I've only had 8 votes. I promise you, the next poll will be a lot more interesting.
Does anyone like American Girl?? Okay, I know you like American Girl (the girls anyway.) I have Felicity. Have you heard that the next movie is going to be Molly? I think I would have done Kirsten next, but hey.

What is your fav. American Girl Doll? Post a comment and tell me (this is not a poll, by the way.)


Monday, October 9, 2006

Oh boy, I've been tagged...

Monday, October 09, 2006 0
Oh boy, I've been tagged...
I was tagged by alaska0girl, and I decided to give it a try:

Q1: What color is your hair? I don't give that info out online, either
Q2: What was the movie you last watched in the theatres? Cars
Q3: What type(s) of music are you into? Christian
Q4: Name 5 of your fav. bands: I don't have 5, but I like Michael W. Smith and Twila Paris
Q5: What's the last book you've read? a biography on Francis Scott Key
Q6: What's your fav. book? The Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis
Q7: What is your dream car? whoa, that's 6 yrs. away, dude!
Q8: What is the last thing you ate? spaghetti

I tag:

Also, if any of you want to see a picture of me, go to my Dad's blog. He is on my friends list as SteveWalden.

B4N (Bye For Now),

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Hello again...

Sunday, October 08, 2006 0
Hello again...
Hi!!! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while…I had a friend over.
Oh my goodness!!! Thank you guys for so many comments!!!! You guys make me so happy!! Keep it up!
I have a funny story for you. You know how I have homegroup? Well, I have this friend named Hannah. Well, one day I wore this shirt that says “life rocks” on it. Then next homegroup I wore it again, cuz I didn't think she'd notice. Well…she did, and after that I wore it again and again every single homegroup because it annoyed her so bad. Well, one day I didn't wear it, because I was soooo sick of it. Turns out she wore an outfit she had already worn, just to annoy me. So, I got “the shirt” out and whenever she would start to annoy me, I would whip it out and threaten to put it on. I had spent the whole night trying to think up a harmless prank to get back at her, and I got my chance. She had worn a hat that she had everyone sign there names on. Right before she left I asked if I could sign it again. Guess what I signed?? I signed “Life Rocks” all over. I even signed it on the brim so that when she looked up she could see it. She didn't even realize that's what my shirt had said!! She said, “I didn't even realize that's what it said, I just was so mad that I didn't notice”. I laughed so hard. Then, I had everyone sign “the shirt” so I could remember all of my frieds. Actually, I'm wearing it right now.

Thanks again for all the comments! You made my day!!
I was going to say, “Bye-bye for now” but my friend says it should be TTFN – “Ta-Ta for now'', as Tigger might say:




on October 10th, 2006
I have updated you on my friends list. What a funny way to have fun with your friend! My daughter Eyebright (who has a blog, did you see?) has a long standing joke with her best friend. This friend has nearly every kind of goat there is but Nubians. We used to have Nubian goats. They would tease each other about what was the best kind of goat, with the friend always saying that Nubians could never be the best kind. One day my daughter made a t-shirt with a Nubian on the front and gave it to her friend as a birthday present. The friends mom loved the joke and made her daughter wear it.

Abiding in the Vine!

Friday, October 6, 2006

Book Picks

Friday, October 06, 2006 0
Book Picks
Hi everyone! Not much happened; we went to classes this morning. I had photography and worship dance, and my brother had jujitsu and zoology. Tonight we have homegroup that we host at our house. We have pizza and pop and lots of fun! We have; a family with ten kids, a family with three kids, us (three kids) and a single mom with her granddaughter. Yeah, it does get pretty busy!!!
Here are some of my favorite books :

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
The Little House on the Prairie Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Portraits of Little Women by Susan Beth Pfeffer
Elisa books by Johanna Hurwitz (for younger kids; very funny, though)
Felicity American Girl books by um…who is it???
The Box Car Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner
Sisters In Time Books by various authors

I put these on here in case you want to check them out at your local library . I hope you find them as good as I do.
I might post later, I'm not sure though.


Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Rough Day/Vote

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 0
Rough Day/Vote
Hello! Today has been a hectic day at our household!
We got up ontime this morning, but somehow we didn’t get ontime with school.
We didn’t finish all our assignments ontime for lunch, so after quiet time we had to finish up on that and now we’re behind on chores. Plus, my three-year-old sister is bothering my brother and me! < That’s almost what it’s like! On top of that, this morning I had a breakdown because I felt like I didn’t have any friends, and I was lonely. I was up late, too. So, it’s been a pretty long day. Last night (while I was up late), I had the idea of having a poll with my readers to see what things they like, colors, animals, etc., and this month it’s seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Post a comment and tell me what you think! Later, Kylie P.S – You have until midnight on October 15th to vote! Also, bloggers cannot vote more than once each.


on October 14th, 2006
I would go for fall definitely. Followed by srping summer and winter. Unless we’re talking about a winter with lots of snow then it would be, fall, winter, spring and summer!

Fun poll – I like easy ones

Kathleen (good to see my name on your favourites list!)

My Top Picks

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 0
My Top Picks
These are my top picks in the order of which I like them the most:

Top 10 Girl Names
1. Hannah
2. Elizabeth
3. Abigail
4. Rose
5. Emily
6. Tiffany
7. Jessica
8. Faith
9. Kathleen
10. Lilly

Top 9 Boy Names
1. Ryan
2. Matthew
3. Wiilliam
4. Michael
5. Ethan
6. Joseph
7. Peter
8. Zachary
9. Ben

Top 8 Favorite Colors
1. purple
2. turquoise
3. lime green
4. pink
5. blue
6. red
7. yellow
8. black

Top 7 Favorite Things to do
1. read
2. write on my blog
3. play outside
4. play video games
5. watch movies
6. do crafts
7. draw

Top 6 Favorite Animals
1. tigers
2. horses
3. cats
4. hamsters
5. dogs
6. eagles

Top 5 bloggers (that I knew when I wrote this, no offense to anyone)
1. narniagirl2006
Kylie's Klubhouse
2. Steve Walden
Walden's Wits
3. Gena Suarez
TOS publisher
4. CrazyAboutMonkeys
Crazy About Tinkerbell
5. LaLa
LaLa's Pink Palace

Top 4 friends (not on the web)
1. Amanda
2. Hannah
3. Abbie
4. Isabelle

Top 3 movies
1. Narnia (duh!)
2. Princess Bride
3. Incredibles

Top 2 Favorite Foods
1. ice cream
2. kielbasa pasta

Number 1 Person
1. Jesus!

Wow! that was long! soon I'll tell you some books I think you should read.
Oh, have you voted? 12 more days! (if you already have, please don't vote again.
BBFN (Bye-bye for now)! Kylie

on October 19th, 2006
Dear Narniagirl, my favorite Character in Narnia is Mr. Beaver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, October 1, 2006

To Change... Or Not To Change

Sunday, October 01, 2006 1
To Change... Or Not To Change
Hi! I'm thinking about changing my blog to something a little more Narnia-ish, maybe a blog with a banner strip across the top with Aslan or something and have a backround of dark red; the color of the lion on Peter's shield. I'm also thinking about changing the
name of my blog to “Further Up and Further In”. What do you think? please post a comment and tell me. Bye, Kylie PS~ I'd also like to thank the people who put me on their friends list, mainly Ashley (CrazyAboutMonkeys) and Lauren (laurenkjoyce) and sagerats. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

I've Been Busy...Again!

Sunday, October 01, 2006 0
I've Been Busy...Again!
Man, have we been busy! My grandparents are here right now, and we are going to go shoe shopping with my grandma. Yesterday we went to Goodwill, and this morning some friends of ours dropped off a desk they can’t use anymore. Talk about busy!
I’d like to apologize that I haven’t been writing anything fun lately, like my bicycle article. I’ve just gotten a total brainwash and I’m having trouble thinking of ideas.
I might consider only writing once a week, mainly on weekends, because on school days it’s hard for me to squeeze time in to write. That was my initial thought, but when I first got my blog, I couldn’t stay away.
Oh, and it might vary when I’m able to write, because some days are busier than others.